Head Downtown for an Exciting Night Out

December 11th, 2017 by

For a fun evening out in Sulphur Springs, Texas, just head downtown. Between the various restaurants, bars, and shops, you will certainly have a great time. If you plan your visit carefully, you can even attend a live theater performance or a concert to make the night out extra special. Check out what’s going on downtown and start planing your visit today.

Downtown Was Recently Revitalized

Having a great evening downtown in Sulphur Springs will not be a challenge, as it has just finished a major revitalization effort. Now, every single year sees more than 300 public activities and events in Celebration Plaza. No matter when you go, chances are very good that something will be going on. If you don’t feel like spending any money on your night out, take your kids to the splash pad (before it gets too dark and the temperature drops) or to play by the game tables.

Attend a Performance from Main St. Theatre

Main St. Theatre has been providing entertainment to the area for 35 years. Check the schedule to see what performances are coming up and whether you are interested in attending any of them. You can even head downtown to get involved with the group. Everyone is encouraged to try out, and there isn’t a cost to participate in productions.

Have a Hot Beverage at Rooster Roast Coffee Bar & Company

If you need a bit of energy to stay awake throughout the evening, start your night off at Rooster Roast Coffee Bar & Company. Enjoy a hot or iced beverage of your choice, or consider a non-coffee drink, such as a fruit smoothie or hot tea. One of the great things about this coffee bar is that it also includes Connally Street Art & Emporium, so you can browse artwork and maybe even find that perfect piece for your home or a present for someone.

Dine or Drink at Redneck Bar & Grill

For those who want something stronger than coffee or plan on eating, as well, the Redneck Bar & Grill is a great choice for your night out downtown. This is a steakhouse as well as a bar and grill, making it perfect for those special occasions. It also has plenty of character, meaning there is no shortage of things to talk about on a first date.

Head to Phinesse Farms Winery

Wine lovers will want to consider planning their evening out around a trip to Phinesse Farms Winery. You could head to the vineyard, or you can stay in the downtown area and just enjoy some of the delicious wine on weekend evenings.

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