Farmer’s Market Finds Near Sulphur Springs

January 25th, 2018 by

Would you like to get a fresh start on your diet this year? Head over to a nearby farmer’s market and rack up on fresh fruits and veggies! There are various markets located nearby, so you can find just what you’re looking for today!

Winnsboro Farmer’s Market

Enjoy the locally grown, handmade, and home baked products offered at Winnsboro Farmer’s Market. This local spot first hit the scene in 2008. It was started by city officials and has been a prized possession in Winnsboro, TX ever since.

This farmer’s market offers some of the finest grown produce you can find. The items are fresh and flavorful – plus, you’ll be supporting your community with each visit. In addition to food items, the Winnsboro Farmer’s Market also gives you access to local goods and crafts. Stop by for a visit and load up on the items you need.

Ranchez Farm

While you’re in Winnsboro, head over to Ranchez Farm. Feed your family fresh, nutritious, chemical-free food when you stock up on these healthy options. This farmer’s market offers “humanly raised beef, chicken, and eggs”. So, you are sure to be satisfied with any hearty item you purchase.

Would you rather stick to veggies? Ranchez Farm has got you covered. The greens at this location are grown naturally and don’t use any pesticides or herbicides. So, when you take a bite into your produce, all you taste is freshness.

Oh, and that’s not all. Ranchez Farm also has cut flowers and herbs that you can transfer into your own garden. With all that’s available here, what’s not to love?

Rehoboth Ranch

Find quality meat at Rehoboth Ranch. This location proudly sticks to six principles to ensure that you are purchasing the best meat that you can find. The six principles that Rehoboth Ranch sticks to are as follows:

  • Healthy Animals – No antibiotics or drugs
  • Natural Growth – No growth stimulating artificial hormones or chemicals
  • Grass Finished – No feedlots or confinement houses; lambs and beef are not fed grain
  • Pasture Raised – All animals have continuous access to green grass; pigs and poultry are fed organic grain while on the pasture
  • Chemical Free – No herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides
  • All Natural – No preservatives or GM grains

The available options include Grassfed Beef Steaks, Grassfed Beef Roasts, Grassfed Beef Other Cuts, Grassfed Lamb, Pastured Chicken, Pastured Turkey, Pastured Pork Cuts, Pork Sausage, and Free Range Eggs. Stock up on the quality items of your choice.

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