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Lease a Chevrolet Equinox in Sulphur Springs, TX

Lease a Chevy Equinox in Sulphur Springs, TX

If your search for amazing value in a compact crossover has led you to the Chevrolet Equinox, you’re clearly a smart shopper! The Equinox holds its own in a highly competitive segment and outshines its competitors in a number of ways – not the least of which is its incredible array of standard features and its attractive price tag.

Now that you’ve chosen the compact crossover that suits you best, it’s time to consider your options for getting an Equinox of your own. Are you committed to buying, or would a lease serve you better? For many people, leasing is the most appealing way to get the brand-new vehicle of their dreams to fit into their budget. Leasing comes with a range of benefits and special considerations that might sway you from your thoughts of financing and convince you that a lease offer is the way to go!

There’s no right or wrong answer, because either way you’re going to get a fantastic deal on a crossover you’ll love when you buy or lease from Jay Hodge Chevrolet. Still, you owe it to yourself to explore the benefits of leasing and weigh those against purchasing / financing. Then when it comes time to claim your Equinox, you can be fully confident that your choice is perfect for your driving needs, desires, and budget.

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The Benefits of Leasing a Chevy Equinox

If you’ve never leased a vehicle before, you might be wondering what exactly makes it such a popular option. The fact is that leasing isn’t for everyone. Some drivers prefer to purchase, and that’s a perfectly respectable choice. What sets a lease apart from a finance plan / purchase is that with a lease, you are not paying for the vehicle itself but for the use of the vehicle over the course of your lease term. If you like to own your vehicle, leasing may not be your best bet.

Let’s take a look at some of the lease-exclusive benefits you’ll get when you take advantage of one of Jay Hodge Chevrolet’s fantastic lease deals:

LOWER PAYMENTS. This is the thing that draws in most car shoppers. Monthly lease payments are often significantly less than what you would pay on an auto loan if you chose a finance plan.

NO SALES TAX. Because you’re not buying the vehicle, there’s no sales tax involved!

TRADE UP SOONER. Lease agreements are generally fairly short, a few years at most. With that less-restrictive commitment, you can trade up and always be driving one of the latest and greatest models on the market!

NO WORRIES ABOUT DEPRECIATION. When you’re leasing, you don’t have to worry about the value lost over time. At the end of your lease term, you’ll simply turn the vehicle back over to Jay Hodge Chevrolet, with no concerns about how depreciation will affect your resale or trade-in value.

AFFORD MORE. With those savings you’re getting from your lease deal, you might choose to bump up to a higher trim level or add some of those upgrades you’ve been eyeing. Use those savings however you like!

Lease or buy, you’ll be thrilled with the Equinox and the deal you get from Jay Hodge Chevrolet! Our associates are committed to helping you saving money on your dream car, and we can’t wait to share with you all the ways to do just that.

Learn About Equinox Lease Offers at Jay Hodg Chevrolet!

Still not sure if a lease agreement is the right choice for you? Contact our dealership and learn more! Our experts can help you determine if your unique situation calls for a finance plan or a lease so you can make an informed decision.

Take some time to explore our inventory of brand-new Chevrolet models including many variations of the Equinox, and then head to Jay Hodge Chevrolet to test drive your top picks. We’ll help you navigate your options and score the best deal possible on your ultimate new vehicle!

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